Armed with a full stack of digital marketing tools at our fingertips we are your team of digital ninjas. We offer our clients a full suite of digital capabilities aimed at enhancing their business every step of the way.

The media-tech landscape is constantly evolving. We help our clients and partners stay ahead of the curve with a monthly round-up from around the globe. Research and development, sales and marketing and operational teams can all benefit from staying abreast of what’s happening in digital media and marketing sectors.

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Digital PR

These days digital PR can extend the reach of traditional PR relationships, crafting a PR campaign, knowing how and when to reach out, and pitching it in a way each outlet will care about are all key steps in a successful PR strategy. From outreach to crisis communications, our team can manage it all.

Media relations

It is still important to developing relationships with media outlets in an effort to achieve placements or features. By being featured , your company is able to gain some of the trust that publication has already built with their audience. This transference can be invaluable in developing both brand awareness and a positive reputation with the public and your potential customers.

Crisis Communications

When things go wrong, communication is key, but that can be difficult when you are in the thick of it. Our team will help you create a crisis management and online communication strategy, as well as implement should it ever be needed.

Influencer outreach

Working with influencers has become an essential part of digital marketing today. They have access to a large audience across multiple social media platforms who trusts what they have to say and regularly engages with their content. Traditionally, getting your product in front of that many people could cost you a lot of money. Now, it may only cost you a few free products.

At Enliven Media we understand that an influencer partnership must be mutually beneficial. When you work with us, you?ll gain access to this expertise as well as our proprietary influencer database, Dexter, which will eliminate the possibility of working with scams and frauds

Image Rights Release Development

A crucial part of any influencer campaign is determining the image rights of any content generated. We will work with influencers to ensure the rights are released to you for any future use as you see fit.

Partnership Contract Development

As with any business arrangement, it is always a good idea to have all points of the agreement in writing. Our team can manage the entire contract development and negotiation process so both you and the influencers enter into a clearly stated arrangement.

Targeted Influencer List Building

Finding the right influencers to work with can be daunting. At Power Digital, we have a growing database of verified influencers called Dexter. This proprietary database is filled with people waiting to work with you!

Blogger Outreach

With the sheer number of bloggers currently available, it can be difficult to decipher who will be most effective to work with. Our team can create a shortlist of bloggers to work with, manage outreach and negotiations, and measure all results for you.

Video Marketing

If you want to stand out and maximise engagement video marketing has been shown to boost revenue across all social platforms.

At Enliven Media we work with our clients to generate social campaigns that will help grow your audience organically. With channel-specific experts on our team, we are able to create and publish the high-quality content that consumers have come to expect from the brands they engage with on social media.

Video content is increasingly important for a variety of social channels. Our team knows what will work and gain traction on each platform so they are able to generate high-quality videos that will help you connect with your audience.


Enliven Media believe that a strong video presence underpins all brand communications, organic content and paid promotions on social media.

Social content that contains a photo or image gets significantly more engagement than that without. Our team will help source quality and relevant photography to utilize throughout your social content while developing brand consistency.

Email Marketing

Mobile Video

These days digital and mobile marketing go hand in hand and reaching your audience will involve delivering content across a selection of digital marketing and mobile channels. We’ll deliver the right marketing strategy for your mobile audience. Invariable this will involve video marketing.

Mobile video content is an extremely accessible way for people to experience your brand. The high quality of smartphones and the arrival of 5G equates to better screen tech and faster wifi. This makes watching videos on the go an absolute no-brainer.

One of the best things for your SEO is to provide meaningful, helpful content that viewers will share. You ultimately want your videos to be seen far and wide because social media shares act as a proverbial stamp of approval, which boosts the search engine rank of your website.

When it comes to content, who is going to think twice about sharing an entertaining, informative, or heart-touching video? Moreover, many websites where you can post videos make it easy for viewers to share your posts with a touch of a finger. By using major social sites like YouTube, Vine, and Instagram (easily accessible on mobile), you?re making the discovery and share process infinitely quicker.

Smartphones are everywhere ? and so is video marketing. Enliven media ensure your video content is mobile friendly and trackable.

Social Media

Community Management

Our team will handle maintaining your brand pages on a variety of social media platforms. From following relevant brands to muting negative comments, we will help keep your social community engaged with your content.

Paid advertising

Facebook is commonly seen as a B2C social network because of its proximity to its users social lives. People on Facebook align themselves with brands only when they feel those brands fit with their own perceptions of self.

Facebook Audience Insights and Target Audience data to develop a deeper understanding of your current tactics. Our team will then use these findings to develop a strategic pla

For this reason, some B2B brands have struggled here in the past ? but the main benefit of Facebook lies in its high degree of targeting and relatively low advertising costs. We?ve helped both B2B and B2C businesses to reach their audience through Facebook and will happily advise you on whether or not this is the best channel for your brand.

SEO & Google analytics


One of the best things for your SEO is to provide meaningful, helpful content that viewers will share. You ultimately want your content to be seen far and wide because social media shares act as a stamp of approval, which boosts the search engine rank of your website.


Speak to us if you are upgrading, revamping or launching as making changes to your website can have a negative impact if not managed carefully. Our SEO and web development experts will protect your navigation hierarchy, content structure and visuals to ensure Google’s search engine is optimised fully.

The outreach required for effective SEO link building strategy is a time-consuming practice. Our team will manage the entire process from start to finish to enhance your organic visibility.

We can provide an SEO audit of your current site to highlight important elements to retain on your new site and the key areas to update and improve.

Contact us today to find out about how our cost effective digital and mobile marketing solutions can keep your brand relevant now and in the future.


Enliven media is focused on creative marketing that gets results. This means data-fuelled decision making. Success is under-pinned with deep insight and data-driven analysis. This ensures that all our campaigns and digital integrations are performing effectively.

We are passionate about measuring how your customer journey correlates to their digital experience of your brand. This informs strategic decisions, and for today?s modern digital marketer robust analytic reporting is an essential element in the road to achieving market-leading results.